Numerous coffee cups lined up next to one another. Beans about to be tasted lying in front of them.10 grams of coffee per cup and water heated to exactly 93 degrees, cupping spoons, glasses filled with water for the spoons, and glasses for spitting out the coffee after tasting it. Everything is good to go.

I've accidentally put in an extra gram of coffee, which does not go unnoticed by Orkun. He gently warns me. Then begins the cupping. You take a spoonful of coffee with a deep breath in, activating the receptors on your palate. This is plain old slurping your coffee. Plum, citrus, vanilla, jasmine, tropical fruit, chocolate, and floral notes are mentioned. Probably because he tastes tens of cups of coffee every day, Emre spits out each one. I jokingly say to Orkun, "Hey, what you're doing is no tasting, you're right out drinking it." Then, Emre tries the Reserve and simply announces:

"This is so good I couldn't help but swallow it too."

Anyone who tried this coffee, without an exception, came to the conclusion that it was "different". If you want to try something out of the ordinary flavors you're used to, this coffee is the one for you.

Weight: 100 gr. / 250 gr.
  • Single Origin
  • Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Highlands
  • Village: Tanoh Abu
  • Cooperative: Gayo Farmers Cooperative
  • Farmer: Edy Sanopa Family
  • Type: 100% Arabica, Catimor (Ateng)
  • Altitude: 1000-1500 m.
  • Processing method: Anaerobic
  • Ripe fruits are hand-picked and left to ferment in an anaerobic environment for 25-30 days. They are then carried to raised beds. The drying process is carried out until the humidity level drops to 12%. As the beans are turned, the defective ones are sorted out.
  • Harvest: November-May
  • Grade: Triple picked. Beans are checked three times for unripe and damaged fruits, which are sorted out.
  • Tasting notes: Mastic gum, strawberry, cherry, dark chocolate, cocoa
  • Degree of Roast: Medium (Between first & second crack)

Degree of roast changes according to which aroma and flavors you want to reveal. If you’d like to read Emre’s article on roasting coffee, I’m leaving a link right here. (The article is in Turkish, by the way.)

  • Roasted by Emre Bereket
  • Emre Bereket's Recipe:
  • You can use the same measurement for Flat Dripper and filter coffee machine.
  • 20g of coffee, 340ml of hot water (93°C)

If you are using a Flat Dripper:

  • Blooming:
  • Pour 45ml of water  (takes about 10-15s)
  • Wait for 30s after pouring water (for expansion and degassing). Start pouring the remaining water (should end at 1m 20s).
  • Total brewing time 2m 15s.

Enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee!

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