You know how some people appear to have no hard corners, no sharp edges? They can get along fine with everybody.

They are easy to be around. When they listen, they do not just wait for their turn to speak or see it as an opportunity to unload on you what they know. They actually listen. Not because they don't have a stance of their own, but simply because they are gentle and tolerant.

This coffee is just like that. No sharp edges. It has a smooth taste that appeals to just about anyone and will make you want to say, "I'll have the usual".

Weight: 100 gr. / 250 gr.
  • Single Origin
  • Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Highlands
  • Village: Tanoh Abu
  • Cooperative: Gayo Farmers Cooperative
  • Farmer: Priyanto Family
  • Type: 100% Arabica, Catimor (Ateng)
  • Altitude: 1000-1500 m.
  • Processing method: Giling-Basah/Wet-Hulled
  • A method unique only to this region in the world. Some experts consider this as the "single malt" of coffee. Click for details.
  • Only ripe fruits are harvested by hand. After the fruits are separated from the beans (depulping), they are left in the fermentation tank overnight. Normally, no intervention is made to the beans until the humidity drops to 12%. In this process, however, the parchment and the pectin layer on the outside are stripped of the beans. They are then left to dry. Complex acidity and flavors appear as a result of this process.
  • Harvest: November-May
  • Grade: Double picked. Beans are checked twice for unripe and damaged fruits, which are sorted out.
  • Tasting notes: Paprika, spicy, black tea, dark chocolate
  • Degree of Roast: Medium (between first & second crack)

Degree of roast changes according to which aroma and flavors you want to reveal. If you’d like to read Emre’s article on roasting coffee, I’m leaving a link right here. (The article is in Turkish, by the way.)

  • Roasted by Emre Bereket
  • Emre Bereket's Recipe:
  • You can use the same measurement for V60 and filter coffee machine.
  • 20g of coffee, 320ml of hot water (93°C)

If you are using a V60 Dripper:

  • Blooming:
  • Pour 60ml of water (takes about 10-15s).
  • Wait for 30s after pouring water (for expansion and degassing). Pour the remaining water (takes about 1m 20 s)
  • Total brewing time 2m 30s.

Enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee!

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