We tasted about 7-8 different coffee samples at home. The filter papers ended up in the trash. The next morning, when I lifted the lid of the trash can, I could not believe the intoxicating smell filling my nostrils.

Nothing less than a fragrant feast of fruit and floral scents. Later on, this is how I would describe that moment:
- If there's a gateway to heaven, this is what it must smell like.

Trained palates can pick up these notes while the coffee is hot. But this was the first time I noticed that only after waiting a little while did the intensity of the aromas revealed themselves so strongly that anyone could taste them.

Actually, it's the same way with food. You need to let a dish rest for a bit after cooking so that its true taste can appear. This is called “demlenme” in Turkish. Right after that familiar taste of coffee, the aromas hit my palate so intensely that I call this coffee fruit juice.

Weight: 100 gr. / 250 gr.
  • Single Origin
  • Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Highlands
  • Village: Tanoh Abu
  • Cooperative: Gayo Farmers Cooperative
  • Farmer: Edy Sanopa Family
  • Type: 100% Arabica, Catimor (Ateng)
  • Altitude: 1000-1500 m.
  • Type of processing: Washed
  • Unlike Giling-Basah, the fermentation period of the fruits after depulping is longer in this method. In this process, it becomes easier to separate the beans from the fruit, the skin, and the membrane around it. Following fermentation and washing, the beans are turned periodically for drying and resting. Meanwhile, defective beans are constantly sorted out. The fermentation and resting process in this method contributes to increasing the aroma and flavor of the coffee.
  • Harvest: November-May
  • Grade: Triple picked. Unripe and damaged fruits are checked 3 times and sorted out.
  • Tasting notes: Tangerine, citrus, milk chocolate, peach, apricot
  • Degree of Roast: Medium (between first & second crack)

Degree of roast changes according to which aroma and flavors you want to reveal. If you’d like to read Emre’s article on roasting coffee, I’m leaving a link right here. (The article is in Turkish, by the way.)

  • Roasted by Emre Bereket
  • Emre Bereket's Recipe:
  • You can use the same measurement for V60 Dripper and filter coffee machine.
  • 20g of coffee, 320ml of hot water (93°C)

If you are using a V60 Dripper:

  • Blooming:
  • Add 50ml of water (should take about 10-15s)
  • Wait for 30s after pouring water (for expansion and degassing). Start pouring the remaining water (should end at 1m 30s)
  • Total brewing time 2m 20s.

Enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee!

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